Cone Together for Refugees

17th December 2019



New Flavour Alert: Cone Together

At Ben & Jerry’s, we’re always dreaming up ways to bring the most euphoric Fairtrade ingredients together. Like with our new Cone Together- it unites our delicious Fairtrade vanilla ice cream with an explosion of chocolatey covered waffle cone pieces and a whirling swirl of salted caramel. And the best part? Cone Together is supporting a more welcoming world for refugees.

A portion of the proceeds will go towards our partner NGOs across Europe that are working to protect the rights of people seeking safety. It's available in freezers now! 


Cone Together For A More Welcoming World

When we come together- no matter our distance and differences-we can make the world a sweeter place. We can stand proudly in solidarity with those who believe that all people have rights, no exceptions, and that refugees are welcome. 

The truth is, too many of our leaders worldwide actively deny people seeking asylum and refugees the rights and recognition that all of us need. People’s lives are being wasted, communities damaged and families separated – and it’s a choice our leaders don’t have to keep making. 

Instead, the people we elect to represent us can rewrite the rules to enable people to participate in our communities and raise their families in safety. They can choose real leadership that fosters a climate of inclusion, where all people are treated with respect – no matter where they come from. 

By coming together, to demand better, we stand up for the rights of all, no exceptions. Together we can call on our leaders to honour the rights of refugees and people seeking asylum. 

Find out more and how to get involved here.



Global Refugee Forum - Geneva

We launched Cone Together at the FIRST EVER Global Refugee Forum, in Geneva in December 2019. The meeting brought together world leaders, as well as businesses and NGOs, with the aim of strengthening the collective response for displaced people to find safety and rebuild their lives. 

Why does it matter? Because this is the first time world leaders have come together in the 21st century to work together to better support people that have been displaced. 

We believe that the only way we can ensure that all people have rights, no exceptions, and that refugees are welcome, is through the world working together. It was an important moment to show up for and we wanted to support the need for greater action from our leaders in the best way we know how—with a new awareness-raising ice cream flavour!

Want to know more about the forum & why we were there? Check it out here!