Feeling the love for clean energy this Valentine's Day


This February, among all the roses, teddies and chocolates you might have spotted a couple of green hearts.

People around the country are making, wearing and sharing little green hearts as part of the Show the Love campaign. The green hearts are a fun way to show love for the things we don’t want to lose because of climate change.

Tackling climate change is going to need all of us - and we need to work together. One way to get started is simply talking about it.

This week, you could fashion a little green heart and wear it. It can be a great conversation starter. You can use it to talk about why you want to tackle climate change and some of the things we can all do to make a difference.

And you don’t just have to talk about things climate change threatens. For Valentine’s Day this year, the gift we want most won’t fit in a box. At hundreds of metres tall, it would be difficult to wrap up a wind turbine. But the urgent need to tackle the climate crisis, and protect the places and people we love, is close to all our hearts. A crucial part of this is cleaning up emissions from the energy we all use every day.

New onshore wind power is the cheapest way to generate clean electricity, costing less than the fossil fuels which are causing so much harm to our lovely planet. Onshore wind also enjoys a lot of love from the British public, with an amazing 79% of us supporting it. With high and rising demand for action to protect the climate, you’d think that the UK would be doing everything possible to power our lives with clean energy. 

Sadly though, the government has refused to support new onshore wind projects since 2015, under the mistaken impression that people don’t like them. 


We’re trying to change this, and let the government know how much we love onshore wind. Can you help? 

We want to make sure that the new government knows how much we care about stopping climate change, and protecting people and places around the world from climate harms. This Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show our love for clean energy and climate action! Can you click here to give our climate some love this Valentine’s Day?