The Big Green Cabaret, Glasgow!

Big Green Cabaret Glasgow

On September 23rd, we’re bringing our Big Green Cabaret to Glasgow with our friends at Possible. Here’s your programme for the night showcasing our incredible line-up plus all the information you need to take action on the night.


  • Kayza Rose

    Kayza Rose is a dynamic creative producer, artistic director, filmmaker, BLM activist and cultural leader based in London, UK. For more than a decade, she has focused her work on creating change for Black and POC through a variety of editorial, creative and artistic endeavours for companies and community based organisations. She’s the founder of BLM Fest, Head of External events at UK Black Pride, and COO at AZ Mag and will be our host for the evening!

  • Chucky Bartolo

    Malta's reigning comedy queen Chucky Bartolo is known for selling out stand-up shows and jumping from 'UN Youth Ambassador' to 'On-stage Loudmouth' with all the grace afforded to someone her size in a six-inch stiletto. With a sharp wit and an even sharper tongue, she somehow has one of the strongest accent on the Glasgow drag scene.

  • Purina Alpha

    Purina Alpha is a Glasgow based drag queen performance artist. Their specialty within drag is dance, and their performances revolve around my individual dance style, a mix of vogue, street/commercial, contemporary, Indian and African. One of the themes Purina explores is unapologetically taking up space as a queer black woman, both socially and professionally.

  • Christian Adore

    Loveable soft-boy Christian Adore improvises “radio-ready” [LGBTQ+ arts review] songs, sketches and raps on the spot. They’ve been nominated for Edinburgh's TV Festival 2020 New Voice Award supported by Netflix, as well as an Off West End award in 2019, as seen on the BBC, and BB Bitesize! 

  • Dylema

    Dylema is one of the UK’s leading spoken word artists. She has been featured by the Guardian, BBC and BET. Their feminist poetry addresses head-on matters of race, gender, sex and individuality.

  • Carmel Kalani

    Carmel has always loved and admired the power of music that has always brought her new understanding of the world and even herself. She believes rapping is a powerful art that has the power to inspire listeners to reflect more consciously on how feelings and words can result in constructive change. 

  • Isabel Adomakoh Young as Izzy Aman

    Isabel Adomakoh Young is a performer and writer of English and Ghanaian origins. Her Drag alter ego Izzy Aman will be showcasing his newest act, Hot In Here, about toxic masculinity and climate.

  • Elina Bry

    Elina Bry is French/Finnish, Glasgow based multidisciplinary artist and climate change advocate. She works across video, storytelling and live performance. She’ll be bringing her character Betty the Strawberry to our big green cabaret as well as joining Kayza for a discussion on climate activism.

  • Dr Alice Bell

    Alice Bell co-runs the climate charity Possible, working on everything from tree planting to heat pumps in parks or solar powered railways. Before moving to climate campaigning she was an academic and journalist, She is the author of Can We Save the Planet? and Our Biggest Experiment, a history of the climate crisis and is our resident climate expert for the evening!

  • Feeling Inspired?

    Here’s 3 ways you can take action now!

    1. Keep in touch with Possible
      Our very special Big Green Cabaret events are rolling into towns across the UK in partnership with our friends at Possible, climate action. Sign up to their mailing list to be the first to know about ways to get involved and support their work!
    2. Sign the Declaration
      Tell our Prime Minister that you want ambitious action on climate justice by adding your name to The Climate Coalition’s declaration.
    3. Stand with Fairtrade Farmers
      Show your support for 1.8 million Fairtrade farmers who are on the front line of the climate crisis and who are calling for our leaders to be fair with their climate promises. Add your name to their petition now.