6 things you can do to stop the Rwanda Plan right now.

Stop The Rwanda Plan

You’ve probably heard of the Government’s plan to forcibly send people to Rwanda - you know the one that even Conservative MP’s are calling ‘ugly’.

People up and down the country have been fighting against this dangerous plan which resulted in the first planned deportation flight being stopped at the 11th hour. But the fight isn’t over! Our Government are still trying to push ahead with these abhorrent plans and we need to do everything we can to stop the Rwanda Plan for good.   

Every single action counts towards creating a more welcoming world so join us and take action now!  

What exactly is the Rwanda Plan, and why is it so fudged up?

Our Government is planning to forcibly send people to a country thousands of miles away simply for seeking refuge in the UK. People who only ‘hoped for safety’ and ‘a show of humanity’ instead face ‘further trauma’ and ‘further danger’

This means people who have already been through so much, are now living in complete fear of never seeing their loved ones again and of being sent to a country they’ve never been to and have no connection with.  

This plan is dangerous and puts lives at risk - even the UK Government pointed out just last year that Rwanda has a poor record on human rights

People who were taken to the first attempted flight have spoken out about the traumatic experience they were put through. Yet rather than learning from this, our Government are continuing to send more people ‘notices of intent’ for future flights. Each of the people who have received such a letter are people with families, hopes, dreams who are now terrified. And the harmful impact is so much greater, with many people navigating the asylum system now terrified they too could be uprooted from a place where they thought they were finally safe. Loved ones of those at risk are also being harmed - imagine how you’d feel if your sister or father was suddenly forced onto a plane and sent to a country 4,000 miles away where they knew no one? 

We have to remember that through this policy our leaders are choosing to put people’s lives are risk. They are choosing to use people as political chess pieces with no regard for the  consequences for the people who'll be harmed by these decisions.

But it doesn’t need to be this way. There are many simple steps the Gov could take RIGHT NOW to enable people to rebuild their lives in safety.

What can we do about it? 

It’s not too late to stand with refugees and fight against these inhumane plans. Here are 6 ways you can take action:  

  1. Raise your voice. We need to make sure everyone knows about these abhorrent plans. Simply chatting with your friends and family is a great place to start and every conversation counts!
  2. Amplify the voices of people who’ll be impacted by this cruelty by sharing articles from people at risk of being deported.  
  3. Email your MP and tell them why you oppose these plans! 
  4. Donate to Detention Action’s legal fund against the Rwanda Plan
  5. Sign the pledge to fight against the anti-refugee laws.
  6. Join a Protest! Care 4 Calais has a handy list of demos planned up and down the country, so grab a placard and let’s take to the streets!