How People Power has given refugees hope

March 22, 2018


Together with our partner the International Rescue Committee (IRC), we visited cities all over Europe today to represent the thousands of you who added your name to a petition calling on our leaders to give refugees a safe place to call home.

Together for Refugees

Right now, our leaders in Europe are considering passing a law that would bring more vulnerable refugees to the continent in safety. It’s called the Union Resettlement Framework, and it’s our best chance to help people who have been forced to flee their homes due to war and violence to find protection. But sadly there has been some resistance to it becoming law – which is why we took your voices to the decision makers, to demand that they give refugees a safe place to call home.

So where exactly did we take them? The EU has a rotating presidency, and right now it’s Bulgaria who are in charge. So we took your signatures to Bulgarian embassies all across Europe, as well as to the city where the EU meets most often, the home of moules et frites – Brussels.

People Power

We believe in people power. We believe that when we come together in unity and with a message of hope, justice and kindness, the people in power have no choice but to listen to us! We’ve already seen that our voices have made a difference in our Together for Refugees campaign – earlier on in the process of creating this law, the thousands of emails you sent helped to push it through some pretty tricky obstacles. By adding your voice to this call for action, you’re helping to make sure we give refugees the chance to rebuild their lives in safety.

What happens next?

The discussions about this law will continue until June and perhaps beyond, and our friends over at the IRC will be monitoring the situation closely. We’ll report back as soon as we know anything more. In the meantime, check out all these other ways you can support refugees in your local area.