The UK Got Blown Away This Summer

July 23, 2018


At Ben & Jerry’s, we believe that the planet is like ice cream: if it’s melted, it’s ruined. We’ve been passionate in our fight for climate justice, from working hard to reduce emissions from our dairy farms, to our 2015 ‘Save Our Swirled’ campaign, where more than 400,000 of you joined us in calling for a more ambitious agreement at the Paris COP.

In June, we joined forces with our fellow climate justice pals, 10:10 Climate Action, to ask the UK government to unleash the power of wind! So many of you got “Blown Away” with us, and used your voice to help protect our planet. We want to say a massive thank you to everyone who joined us, and if you didn’t get the chance, here’s a quick round up:

The Power of a Pun

We started this campaign the best way we know how… with ice cream! We took some out most well-loved flavours and gave them a windy twist, so that we could serve our fans Strawberry ‘Breeze’-Cake, Caramel ‘Blew Blew’, Cherry ‘Gale’-Cia, ‘Fan’-illa, and Peanut ‘Flutter’ Cup. 


“Windy Wednesdays”

What could make a Wednesday even better than when it hits 5pm and you run out of that office? Maybe grabbing a windy flavoured ice cream for 50% off at the Soho Scoop Shop on your way home. To celebrate the power of wind, every Wednesday we offered customers at our Soho Scoop Shop 50% off any wind flavoured ice cream.

Breezing into a town near you

In July, we hit the road with our trust truck and our pals 10:10 to scoop our windy flavours and help the UK unleash the power of wind!


We had lots of fun with this campaign, but we must remember that there is no Planet B! Together, we can all do our part to help look after our planet.

Stay spooned for more information on how the government responds to our Blown Away campaign and for more windy updates!