Trump baby flies again

At Ben & Jerry’s, we believe the world tastes sweeter with a bit of peace, love and fairtrade ice cream. However, some of this peace and love is currently under threat from policies and politics in the US and across Europe. And a threat to peace anywhere is a threat to peace everywhere. Together, we believe we can peacefully resist regressive and discriminatory policies like those of Trump’s administration and build a future that values inclusivity, equality and justice for people of colour, women, the LGBTQ community, refugees and immigrants. What better way to take a stand than bringing back the well known (and well loved) trump baby balloon?

May 30, 2019

Baby Trump Balloon

When Donald Trump came to London in 2018 we made it clear as a country that he is not welcome here. While the trump baby balloon helped make it simple enough for the president to understand that we openly dislike his policies, his key messages and the man himself, we feel that as he is due back on our shores once more he evidently didn’t quite get the message, and so we must try harder.

This time around we have two goals during his London visit: we want to fly the balloon to show the president our feelings remain unchanged, while also supporting those who are actively resisting him. If we raise £30,000 (for charities who work to un-do his damage) by Tuesday 3rd we will fly the balloon: if we don’t, then he won’t.

Symbols of our dislike of Trumpian politics are not enough, we need to translate them to actions that can directly help the push back against the effect he is having globally, and our choice of charities that we are fundraising for reflects this. As his term in office continues, the tragedies that are daily becoming bi-products of his politics of division and hatred seem to be increasing exponentially. 

The causalities stretch far and wide, from the environment and our earth in general, to specific groups that he daily targets both in his policies and his public relations. We are supporting 6 charities that are working against his wake of destruction both in the UK and the USA; UK Student Climate Network, and the Sunrise Movement in the US who are protesting and mobilising against the climate crisis, Jawaab who are building a movement against Islamophobia, reproductive rights group Planned Parenthood, Sisters Uncut fighting against violence towards women, and United We Dream, an immigrant youth-led community in the US.

We are asking for everyone’s support to show Donald Trump and those who align themselves with his politics that we stand against everything they symbolise; and to stand shoulder to shoulder with the communities that continue to be targeted. If you donate you also will be put in the draw to join us on the day as one of the Trump Baby crew! Please join us in symbolically and actively resisting the politics of hatred.

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This blog post was written by our friends, the trump babysitters.