Get your hands on the NEW Ben & Jerry's board game

Meet our Twisted Merry Dough Round game, it's inspired by the dough centre of our new Cookie Dough Twists and it could be YOURS!

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Some might say don't play with your food, but at Ben & Jerry's we encourage it! The Twisted Merry Dough round is the perfect party game for ice cream fanatics.

The rules are simple – with tubs and dough chunks situated around the board - players take a spin to reveal which euphoric Ben & Jerry’s flavour they’ll be playing with (that means EATING!), as well as which tool you'll need to complete your challenge. Then a challenge card will test your chunky credentials with tasks like frozen tongue twisters, sculpture building and dough juggling.

The Twisted Merry Dough Round was dreamed up to celebrate Ben & Jerry’s new Cookie Dough Twists which come in two bowl licking flavours:

  • Rain-dough: Fairtrade Vanilla ice cream, with a swirly rainbow sprinkled cookie dough centre twisting through the tub with colourful tie-dye chunks to brighten every spoonful.
  • Dough-ble Chocolate: Fairtrade Chocolate ice cream with a swirly chocolate cookie dough twisty centre and chocolatey chunks to satisfy even the most insatiable chocoholics.

You will have to be fast to grab one, a very limited supply are available. Just hit the button below, and enter your details and you will be in with a chance to be the proud owner of a Twisted Merry Dough Round along with a few tubs of our latest creations. GOOD LUCK and happy spinning.